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Grand Master K's Strip Indian Mega

v1.0 Pimp Hand Strong Edition

The next generation of Strip Indian is here! Now featuring custom pics from two live models and AI so advanced it will flip yo wig. Best of all it is now being released under the GPL. That means not only is it free but the complete program source code is available for all to see.

Strip Indian Mega contains no spyware, adware, or other bogusness. You don't have to take our word for it check out the source code yo self and play in peace.


You must have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed to play this joint. There is a good chance you have it and don't know it. If the game does not work you can install the .NET Framework from windows update or download it from This program has been confirmed to work on LINUX using MONO.

Strip Indian Mega (download)

For those of you geek enough to handle it here is the source code. I used the open source IDE SharpDevelop. Go wild!

Source Code (download)