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Creation Expo!

          As I am sure you all know Indianapolis was host to this years hottest fresh Creation Expo (link)! I saw the director Fredrick Boyd on TV promising irrefutable proof that evolution is a lie. I cleared my busy schedule and headed downtown to see for myself. DVDs of the event are on sale on their website if you missed this intellectual extravaganza. Look for me sitting front row.

Finding the place was not easy. I finally notice this sign outside what looked like the Jefferson's apartment complex. Some advice for the expo, next time have a guy in a dinosaur suit waiving people in or something.

Sign Building

The expo was being conducted in a small room a few floors up. Just a couple tables selling books. No statues of men riding dinos. No models of the ark. I was rather disappointed at first. Only a handful of strange peeps wandering around.

Things did pick up once the presentations started in a adjoining room. I did a quick estimate of approximately 100 spectators. I also estimated the percentage of "I was dragged here by a parent/wife and I would rather be getting punched in the face" people at 57%.

We were treated to some music to start things off. There was a band between the speakers as well. I will say that the singers were quite good. Far better than most church groups I have endured. Bravo to the expo for the entertainment.

Both times after the song the singer urged us all to "share the good story" as it is our number one responsibility. Everyone cheered in agreement. The entire time I was there not a single person shared this "good story" with me. They were so hyped up about it too, how disappointing.  I have a feeling I would have been let down anyway. Its probably the one where I get eternally tortured for looking at boobs.

On to the first speaker time for the smackdown of evidence. You may have seen this man on TV. Dr. Carl Baugh director of the Creation Evidence Museum.

Carl Baugh

His main points were discounting modern dating methods and trolling out his long ago debunked footprints. Yawn. Nothing was presented that I have not heard before. Absolutely none of the promised evidence was presented. I will spare you the details just read any popular creationist literature. It was the same old bag of tricks I have heard countless times.

Then there was this guy. Dr. G. Thomas Sharp chairman of the Creation Truth Foundation. Come to think of it I do not believe I met a single person all day who was not a doctor. Such a highly educated group should be given some merit. I am sure they are all legitimate PHD's and not honorary degrees in theology or anything.

Angry Man

This guy was mad. Extremely mad at Satan. He did not address the theory of evolution much at all. He quickly entered full blown fire and brimstone mode. According to him 90% of adults show no sign of being saved. Two thirds of all teenagers are leaving the church. God is losing and he is mad as heck. Mad at the devil. Because the all powerful god of the universe is losing. I did learn from him that Darwin came up with the entire basis for Origin of Species after undergoing a satanic ritual.

That's when it hit me. I was in a room full of grown adults that are fighting a holy war. This is not about science its about squashing demonic conspiracies. These are grown adults. Fighting a holy war. Against demons. WOW!

Afterwards there was a frightening Q&A session with the speakers. Two of the questioners identified themselves as teachers. They were looking for advice on how to keep Satan out of the classroom. A divorced guy was upset about having to pay for his daughters tuition  to a non Christian college. I was still in awe of the room full of adults fighting a holy war. Against demons.

Afterwards I had to take the opportunity to chat with the famous Dr. Carl Baugh. I asked him how he dated things since all the methods scientists use are busted. He dates everything by the flood. Genius. I also asked him for his personal book recommendation. He recommended The Young Earth by John Morris. In his exact words it is "tops".

Hand Shake

I read the recommended book, still did not find any evidence. What I did learn from it was that evolution leads to lawlessness, racism, abortion, promiscuity, homosexuality, and Marxism. I also learned that I am cursed, without excuse, and my wages are death. Maybe that's the "good story" they were so hyped up about.

On a side note I never did figure out what the hell this guy was doing there.

Mystery Guest