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Operation Brownie

I made a personal goal out of getting brownies from a celebrity while on my latest world tour. Here are the few responses I got from Uwe Boll and George the Animal Steele!

< GMK to Uwe Boll>

Hey its me Grand Master K!! Your #1 fan! I am stuck in Afghanistan of all places AAAHHHH! Just dropping my

address so you can send me some home made brownies if you feel like it. No pressure or anything but send


(address omitted)

< Uwe Boll to GMK>

i hope POSTAL and TUNNELRATS are as DVDs for the troops in Afghanistan
available so that the days are not so shitty over there

uwe boll

< GMK to Uwe Boll>

I love Postal bro I got it! I got the game that came with it installed too BOOYAH!! Die Gary Coleman!!! That

DVD is the #1 directors commentary ever!!!

Unfortunately I have never seen tunnelrats can you send it to me? In exchange I will send you some genuine

Afghan treasures from the bazaar! You sent me a Postal autograph once that was awesome check it out

Hook us up some TUNNELRATS dawg you are awesome thanks!!!

( Address Omitted)

< Uwe Boll to GMK>

and the brownies would never make it to you...they would got stopped
at the border

< ......... FAIL ............. >

< George the Animal Steele (Jim Myers) response to a brownie request using his website contact form> .

How about a huge thank you for all you do.

God Bless


< GMK to Jim>

No brownies?? How about peanut butter cookies!

< ......... FAIL ............. >